Jim Menge

Traveling Man, Industry Disruptor, Travel Evangelist

I‘m a traveler by profession and by nature. When I’m not speaking or writing about the benefits of travel, I’m probably planning my next adventure.

Over the last two decades, I have traveled over a million miles and visited over one hundred countries. While I've been exploring the world, I've also helped top travel companies, start-ups and venture capital firms disrupt their industries.

The Traveling Man

I'm a traveling man.

I pack light, sit tight, and eat right.
I take the high road, side road, back road, and back alley.
I travel high, travel low, travel fast, travel slow.

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Travel Matters
August 30, 2021

Travel: The Return is Greater Than the Past

“Your best moments aren't behind you. They're waiting for your arrival.” The movie, Reminiscience Wonder, Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash Travel is wonder. Travel is wonder full. Travel is the ink that…
Travel Matters
August 19, 2021

Same Lipstick. New Partners.

M&A, SPACs, New Travel Industry 600 words. Five words or less sentences. Mostly. Delta spreads Spirit collapses Americans United Hyatt buys Apple Leisure Group Short Term Rentals enter mainstream Sonder…
Travel Matters
July 22, 2021

Your future flight might be a train. Or electric. Or supersonic. Or an Uber.

First, thank you to the innovators, the innovative companies and the individuals who are behind the scenes. Many remain hidden. Each is a necessary part of the innovation delivery process.…