Jim Menge

Traveling Man, Industry Disruptor, Travel Evangelist

I‘m a traveler by profession and by nature. When I’m not speaking or writing about the benefits of travel, I’m probably planning my next adventure.

Over the last two decades, I have traveled over a million miles and visited over one hundred countries. While I've been exploring the world, I've also helped top travel companies, start-ups and venture capital firms disrupt their industries.

The Traveling Man

I'm a traveling man.

I pack light, sit tight, and eat right.
I take the high road, side road, back road, and back alley.
I travel high, travel low, travel fast, travel slow.

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Travel Matters
July 22, 2021

Your future flight might be a train. Or electric. Or supersonic. Or an Uber.

First, thank you to the innovators, the innovative companies and the individuals who are behind the scenes. Many remain hidden. Each is a necessary part of the innovation delivery process.…
Travel Matters
August 9, 2020

Presents of Leadership

Introduction In the aftermath of the Boeing 737 Max tragedies, I read an excellent article in The New York Times comparing the difference between classroom piloting vs. airmanship. “Airmanship,” the…
Travel Matters
May 17, 2020

A Hierarchy of Travel Needs

I have walls of books and gigabytes of data on what has been written (including my own) about travel, the journey, and why human beings feel drawn inexorably to move…