I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

Robert Louis Stevenson

The greatest journeys are born when people open their eyes to the incredible human performance casually referred to as travel. Business evangelist, speaker, and author Jim Menge has worked in this performance as both actor and director. He’s traveled to 100 countries (and counting), while pushing the leading edge of technology at some of the travel industry’s most significant companies. His contributions have done more to empower our ability to travel and travel well than most people imagine.

Jim shares his passion and expertise around the world, addressing audiences on topics of business, leisure, and inspired travel.

When Jim speaks about awakening the desire for travel, he speaks about awakening a purpose that transcends basic need. He encourages audiences to uncover reasons to travel that go beyond attending life or business events and have everything to do with creating life and business experiences. Every step out your front door can intoxicate and heighten your sense of the world around you. For Jim, this includes security checkpoints and boarding queues as well as eyeball blistering bungee jumps and the expired passports he sequesters as priceless treasures.

To hear Jim talk about travel is like listening to someone who has had a conversion experience and is still glowing from the revelation. In reality, Jim’s conversion to the glory of planes, trains, and automobiles happened when he was a child in Miami, more than 30 years ago. He papered the walls of his boyhood room in maps with airline routes and schedules meticulously traced. He actually acquired his solo flying certificate before his driver’s license. Since then his energy has only intensified. It’s a life he was clearly destined for.

Jim embodies the role of an evangelist — a passionate voice awakening belief in others. Jim never preaches. He lives the message; it’s in his blood.

As an industry professional, Jim’s authority stems from his experience and comprehensive grasp of the industry as a whole. He thinks and speaks fluently in the languages of global logistics, interdependencies, risk, synergy, and economics.

Whether or not your company is in the travel sector, Jim will reframe the way you think about your business, your product, and most importantly, your clients.

Throughout his multi-decade career, Jim Menge has led transformations at a host of travel companies, both regional and global, including Silvercar, ViajaNet, SilverRail, American Airlines, Sabre, and most notably Virtuoso.

His roles have spanned from Chief Marketing Officer to Executive Vice President of Member and Business Development and more. He was a contributing author in the book “Bushido Business: The Fine Art of the Modern Professional,” along with Steven M. R. Covey and Brian Tracy. In fact, Jim’s value as an executive partner is a matter of record, having architected cost savings for companies in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Currently, his firm JM Innovations works with a range of clients to offer high-level optimization for their travel-related technologies, marketing, and product development. Jim also shares his expertise and passion as a speaker, illuminating topics such as travel, technology, innovation, product marketing, entrepreneurship, and positive disruption.

Should Jim speak at my event?


Do your attendees care about:

  • Using travel to advance their life experiences, happiness and ultimately, success?
  • Discovering how travel can benefit their bottom line?
  • Taking advantage of trends currently disrupting the travel industry?
  • Innovating through positive disruption?
  • Leveraging the full power of their existing brand?
  • Strategies for building their best product?
  • Creating lifetime customers and fans?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please give us a call. Jim’s availability is limited and engagements must be booked well in advance.