A few weeks ago to mark the 100th country I’ve “set foot in,” I literally walked across the border from Italy into Slovenia. 100 countries visited, at least 100 borders crossed. I’ve crossed boarders by train; Luxembourg, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia to name only a few. During a layover at Zurich I rented a car and drove across the border into Lichtenstein. For country #99 (San Marino), I took a bus. I’ve crossed borders by sea. I took a cruise disembarking at Malta. I even hitched a ride on an ice-breaker ferry that took me to Finland from Estonia. I have crossed many, many borders by air. One of the most memorable was when I flew on U.S. Air Force cargo planes to South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

I love crossing borders. But actually crossing on foot adds even greater significance. Country #100, Slovenia, was not the first that I walked into. The first time I went to Switzerland, I walked across the border from France with my then, young children. I also walked across the border from Kenya into Tanzania.

I cross borders not simply to gain entry to a country. Each border crossed is an opportunity to gain new experiences, to see the world from a new perspective. Now, think of each border you’ve crossed during your travels. Whether by plane, train, boat… or even on foot; borders are worth crossing. The world is worth exploring.