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Same Lipstick. New Partners.

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Miss Piggy Travels

Delta spreads

Spirit collapses

Americans United

Hyatt buys Apple Leisure Group

Short Term Rentals enter mainstream

Sonder did a SPAC

Vacasa did a SPAC

Inspirato did a SPAC

Virgin did a SPAC

Hotel Planners did a SPAC

American buys electric air taxis

Virgin buys electric air taxis

Azul buys electric air taxis

United buys electric

United buys supersonic

A380’s scrapped

747s, 777s, 767s parked

Alaska joins OneWorld

Jet Blue and American join

Airline route maps are redrawn

Branson flies into space

Bezos flies into space

Elon is boring. Holes, under Las Vegas

Travel Leaders [renames] and consolidates

EagleTree Capital invests in Frosch

Frosch buys Valerie Wilson

Subscriptions are the new rage

Memberships are the new rage

Subscriptions & memberships require expertise

TripAdvisor does a membership

Mr & Mrs Smith membership

AFAR has a book club

Delta boarding subscription

Flat fee, monthly fee, annual

Consulting firms cutting corporate travel

Amex GBT acquires Ovation

Amex GBT acquires Egencia

Face to face still meaningful

Hopper, holy cow!

Journera, streamlines

Traxo stops the leaks

Uber eats

CLEAR has my COVID card

COVID still reshaping travel

Cruise is back

One knot at a time

TravelPort unbecomes Yum

I’m a travel man. 

(Commentary break)

There is no doubt the travel world changed differently. Again. 

In the tech world, “Putting lipstick on a pig” is to make a ‘cosmetic’ change to an old technology. My article is the other way around. The act of travel looks the same (lipstick), but everything behind the lipstick has changed. With deference to pigs.

Orwell on pigs… their brilliance, craftiness, ingeniousness, their ascent. Pigs boarded planes as emotional support animals. Pigs are super intelligent. Babe is a pig. Long live pigs.

(Commentary end)

Same TSA, different traveler looks. 

Same travelers, pent-up frustrations.

Same people, pent-up hostilities.

Same seats, erupted mask hatred.

Same flight attendants, more targeted.

Same Uber, different protocol. 

Same restaurant, different cleanliness. 

Same restaurant, new QR menus.

Uber eats.

…same lipstick, new players.

Short Term Rentals are booming

Who grades them?

Who cleans them?

How consistent are they?

How do I book them?

Will someone meet me?

…are there cameras?

Marriott bought Starwood

Marriott has Short Term Rentals

…changes still happening

Hyatt buys Apple Leisure Group

Cash, US$2.7B

100 properties

Packaged holidays

Activities & tour operations



IHG launching luxury brand

Parked old planes

Flying new planes

Greater efficiency

Smarter route planning

Smaller lavatories (ugh)

Electric planes testing

Electric planes ordered

eVTOL replacing helicopters

São Paulo smiling

More cities getting air service

…less time on the road

Avelo West, next East


Alaska, American, JetBlue triangulation

Sorry, Norwegian

Passengers, keep calm and carry on

SPACs are acquisitions

TNMT tracks SPACs over US$1B

TNMT tracks 36 Travel/Mobility

New owners, same business

More money to make progress

SPACs risky, according to some

…so is doing nothing

Certares: HUGE damn deal



ARC Hotel


G Adventures








New Travel Weekly Power List

Love Valerie, Jennifer, Kimberly

Love Priscilla 

Love Tzell

Love Paul

Sustainability goes mainstream

From net zero to net negative

Global Sustainability Tourism Council complete

TravelPort unbecomes Yum.

Yum: KFC, TacoBell, Pizza Hut

New TravelPort





Kudos Greg, Kyle, & team

Not just temporary changes. 

Not new lipstick.

New players. 

God Speed.

What do you think?

See you on the road…



Ken Brown, first pax

Albert Taras, go big

Marie Forleo, YouTube maven

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Andres Fabris, Extrapreneur

John Halcomb, Wise guy