Travel Matters

I Have Seen the Future of Travel, 2022

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The way we think about travel affects how we will travel.

I’m a travelling man…

As we finish the busiest travel days of the last year, as a traveler, I thought I would offer a visionary reminder of how things normally work.

Travel can bring tension, be tense, intense, and feel out of tense at times.

There is a concept that travel turns out just the way we plan it.
We find the exact right itinerary flights and hotel, like magic.
We study what to do and where to go.
Internet information is exact and helpful.
We craft the right trip… business, leisure, visiting family.
We book our tickets – simply, affordably and get just the right seats.
We pack our bags with everything we need, and they feel light.
The night before.

There is a concept that travel turns out just the way we imagine it.
Our Uber shows up on time, and the driver is donning a mask.
The drive to the airport is without delay.
Check a bag ~ why not?
No lines. Security is a breeze.
Liquids, laptop, and lap bag each make it through the scanner.
No line for coffee ~ why not?
Everything is flowing.

There is a concept that travel turns out just the way we embrace it.
Lines flow, people flow, boarding flows, overhead bins are empty.
People are helpful, even smiling.
The plane smells good.
Everyone smells good.
Seat mate smells good.
Flight attendants feel safe.
Pilots have the course plotted into the computer.
We smile as the plane pushes back from the gate. 


There is a concept that travel has lost its magic.
No turbulence, no bumps.
Everyone dresses nice, and all feet stay on the floor (and, shoes stay on).
My seat mate tells me about having the same experience.
We land a few minutes early. Our gate is open.
As we disembark, people help one another.
My luggage is there.

Waiting for me.

There is a concept that travel just happens.
Unlike Tom Hanks stuck at JFK in “The Terminal,” we made it.
It was one precise, skilled action after another…
Computers, IT workers, programmers, operators.
Drivers, road workers, airport workers.
Mechanical, mechanics, avionics, ground vehicles.
Airport, airline staff, security staff, barista.
Flight, ground handlers, flight crew

Other travelers.
The installer who put the last screw into the overhead bin.
The builders and assemblers who put the plane together.
The architecture team who designed the plane.
Thank you to each.

There is a concept that travel just is.
It is


See you on the road.
Or in the line for coffee.

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash