While preparing to speak before a group of students, well-written poet David Whyte learned that his topic was to be “English Composition.” He goes on to explain, “No serious writer ever thinks about English composition, and if he did it would mean he had temporarily lost his mind or his way as a writer. English composition is for those looking from the outside in. English composition is to real writing as Sunday school is to Moses before the burning bush.”

Exploration is much the same. If you have to ask, you’re thinking too hard about it.

My preferred method of exploration is to travel. I only have one place to see before I die – the rest of the world. Travel is my career, my pastime, maybe even my mission. My passion is to go beyond my bucket list and actually experience the world around me. But, when seemingly every nook and cranny of the world has been visited, photographed and written about; what’s the point? What’s left to explore in an over-traveled world?

For me, travel is more than getting from one point to another. Travel is the exploration of seeing through the eyes of someone who is from where I am not – even if I’ve been there a hundred times. This exploration is about personal discovery.

If we think about travel in terms of personal discovery – we realize that the entire world is still left for us to explore. Even the most exotic, far-flung places are just a flight, a train or a hike away (maybe all three). True, we may not be the first or last to see a place. But with each trip, each experience is expanded. Each exploration opens new doors to personal discovery and yet more to explore.

The world is waiting to be explored… by you!